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Being immersed in the intersection of art and nature is a foundational part of my spiritual practice. For me, the process of making art itself - putting energy and intention into methodically creating - is an act of meditation as well as an act of resistance within consumer culture and the attention economy. I create using a variety of media - primarily watercolor and ink, but also oil, embroidery, collage, and digital media. Through my work, I hold reverence for the natural world as a sacred entity and exalt the female body as the catalyst for life. Much of the recurring symbolism I use has been inspired by personal life events - the power of pregnancy and giving birth, entheogenic experiences, growing up within patriarchal religion, and joyful, formative childhood memories. Through the process of engaging in creative work, I seek to explore beauty, interconnection, and belief systems that hold power over people and regularly go unchallenged.

Liz Darling is a visual artist from Kansas known for illustrative, organic paintings that often feature fungi, lunar imagery, and the female body. With a precise, organized approach and an emphasis on process and exploration, Liz uses watercolor, ink, and various other media to engage the intersection of magic, nature, the divine feminine, and the inner child. In addition to making art, Liz enjoys traveling, hiking, eating sushi, playing music, mushroom hunting, dog-kissing, and petting stingrays.

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